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The Bath Benefit?

I used the bath bomb of course and LOVED the scent. I am a huge fan of bath bombs and use them every time i take a bath - this one was great. The color it turned the water was not over powering or off-putting (i've used bath bombs in the past that turned the water weird colors and stained my tub) so that was great...the scrub was GREAT....i was really excited to see this in the box... I think the fact that the candle was in there was such a great addition and I hope you all will continue to include candles in the boxes because people love those and candles are especially nice to light in the bathroom during a bath. 

-Kayla, GA

The bar of soap is really nice and mild, and I love that all of the products are hand-crafted with natural ingredients by local artists.

-Melanie, FL

My October box came with so many wonderful fall goodies!

-Emily, IL