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The Bath Benefit?

I used the bath bomb of course and LOVED the scent. I am a huge fan of bath bombs and use them every time i take a bath - this one was great. The color it turned the water was not over powering or off-putting (i've used bath bombs in the past that turned the water weird colors and stained my tub) so that was great...the scrub was GREAT....i was really excited to see this in the box... I think the fact that the candle was in there was such a great addition and I hope you all will continue to include candles in the boxes because people love those and candles are especially nice to light in the bathroom during a bath. 

-Kayla, GA

 I got my box yesterday. I love the candle scent, and the whipped soap is a fun edition. The Christmas movie quotes theme is great!

-Melanie, FL

Beautifully crafted and packaged, detailed listing with pertinent information regarding each product, and equally enjoyable by both adults and kids! I have a personal love affair with this subscription. The scents in the October and November boxes for Halloween and Fall were amazing! I’ve loved every single product so far ... the bath bombs, to include the aromas and unique designs of each were such a pleasure and the lotions, bubble bars, etc. all were truly enjoyed by both my granddaughter and I! She would not get inside of the bathtub until I had presented her with her bath bomb for the evening and she’s only 4! Did I mention how delicious the Fall box smells?? I’m always overjoyed and super excited when I see my Bath Benefit box being delivered! I always open it immediately ❤️❤️❤️ 

-Kimberly, FL

Have now received my second box from Bath Benefit. The personal touch is lovely. It is packed well without damage to the products. I love the little touches that are unexpected. I just put the lip balm to use and it feels great, smells good too. Tonight I will light my Mcintosh Apple Candle and take a bath with Rosemary and Cran Bath Salt. I think I will be on this subscription list for a very long time. Thank you Charity for your thoughtful curation. 

-Toni, CA

I've been searching for a good, hand-crafted bath box that wasn't too pricey and The Bath Benefit is the one! I love how Charity curate several go to bath products (hand crafted soap, a bath bomb and a bath salt/tub soap), then adds a delightful unexpected product: artisan candle, handmade make up remover, charcoal face mask. The best thing about being a new subscription is when a company makes you feel welcome either by a note, a special extra tucked in the box, etc. There was a warm, gracious note added which made me, the new customer feel welcome. This is one box I feel that offers enough variety in the genre to make me feel happy and special. One I will gift to family and friends for special occasions! 

-Colleen, CA

Always super fast shipping! I received my box at the very end of June, and I am always so excited to open my box that I just couldn't wait! I love that this month featured a brand new vendor, as well as new products from previous vendors! I love the surprise of opening my box and seeing what goodies are inside! Can't wait for next month! 

-Danielle, GA