Who is the Bath Benefit?

Hi, I'm Charity, a mom to 3 boys, and wife to an amazingly encouraging husband. 

I gave birth to my youngest son in early 2017 and literally took a bath almost every single day of that pregnancy, sometimes twice. Toward the end of the 9 months I even came home on my lunch hour to take a hot bath to relieve some of the pressure off my back. Grateful to have time alone (who am I kidding, I got interrupted A LOT), I experimented with a lot of bath products to soothe my senses, calm my nerves and ease my hormone-reactive skin. Taking this time for yourself, to detox, de-stress and unwind, has proven scientifically to be beneficial for everyone, not just pregnant mamas. The Bath Benefit is perfect for busy people, soothing aches and pains, and smart people who know how important self-care truly is. Why not take better care of yourself so you can be a better version of yourself?

I founded The Bath Benefit to bring to you the BEST hand-crafted bath and body products I could find. Our products are made by true artisans, all female small business owners, who are passionate about their craft. I can't wait to share them with you each and every month. I'd love to hear how you BENEFIT from the box!

XOXO, Charity